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Meatest M151 High Current Calibrator

Stable high current calibrator with 120 A AC/DC range, built-in multimeter, floating outputs and both real and simulated transconductance amplifier functions.

  • High accuracy throughout all ranges
  • 8 Vpk floating outputs
  • Real and simulated transconductance amplifiers
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M151 Current Calibrator can generate up to 120 A with one year accuracy ranging from 0.035% to 0.11% at all points. Key signal parameters including selected function, uncertainty and AC signal frequency are shown on large LCD, softkeys under the display are linked to frequently used functions for quick setup.

Calibration domain

The main purpose of M151 is calibration of ammeters or use as a current amplifier but it can be used as well for transducer calibration thanks to its built-in multimeter, as stable current source for contact resistance measurement or as either real or simulated transconductance amplifier.
RS-232 and GPIB interface allow for remote control of the calibrator and time saving automated calibrations using SW package CALIBER/WinQbase.


DC current 8 mA – 120 A (3000 A with 151-25 Current Coil)
± 250 ppm / year
AC current 8 mA – 120 A, 15 Hz – 1 kHz (3000 A with 151-25 Current Coil)
± 250 ppm / year

Process Multimeter

DC voltage 0 – 20 V
± 100 ppm / year
AC voltage 1 – 20 V
± 200 ppm / year
DC current 0 – 200 mA
± 100 ppm / year
AC current 10 – 200 mA
± 200 ppm / year
Frequency 1 Hz – 10 kHz
± 50 ppm / year

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