Introducing the brand new 9010 MULTIFUNCTION CALIBRATOR from Meatest, spol. s r.o.(Czech Republic)

The 9010 Multifunction Calibrator is a 35 ppm AC/DC #calibrator designed as universal calibrator for #ElectricalCalibration laboratories, covering most of their workloads – multimeters, clamp meters, ohm meters, power meters and power analysers, energy meters, process meters, and many others. Implementing a modular design, 9010 can be further customized to calibrate oscilloscopes, insulation testers, sources and transducers.

The 9010 can now calibrate even 400 MHz scopes, 1.5 kV insulation testers and 280 kW power meters. All other popular functions, from the previous models, including complete transducer and external sensor calibration (strain gauge, pressure, torsion, force, etc.) using built-in multimeter, automatic uncertainty calculation, remote control and easy recalibration are included.

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